Monday, March 24, 2014


Gr├╝etzi!  I’m excited to be blogging from Switzerland.  The husband and I will be based here for the next three months while he is a visiting fellow at the University of Basel.  I finally have a chance to practice my non-existent German on the unsuspecting masses.

Before I left home I reinvented a few items of clothing and some decorative pieces, which I’ll share in the coming months. I’ll also post a few travel photos and tips, so check back often for some European inspiration.

First up, I converted my husband’s old sweater into a fitted faux leather top.  I loved wearing his oversized sweater on wintery days at home.  But it turns out that the moths in my closet loved it too.  When the sweater became too embarrassing to wear, I decided to reinvent it by keeping the wool sleeves and adding a faux leather body.  Now I have a new piece to wear around Europe, which, judging by all the faux leather jackets in Switzerland, is bang on trend.

Old wool sweater
1 yard of costume pleather (should have some stretch if you want a more fitted top)
Black thread

1) Carefully remove sleeves from body.

2) Use the old sweater bodice as a template to cut a faux leather back and front.  If you prefer a more fitted top, cut faux leather to preferred size, using the armholes of the original sweater as a template.  Just remember to add a ½ inch seam allowance.

3) With right sides facing, sew front and back of bodice together.

4) Insert the sleeves and attach to bodice.

Why not reimagine an old piece of clothing from your closet? If you’re stuck, send me a photo and I’ll try my best to help. Nicole