Thursday, July 24, 2014


Jeremy and I have finally returned from our four-month stint in Europe.  While I’ll miss the travelling, excellent food and magical sunsets, it’s always good to come home to San Diego—and all my crafting supplies.  Contrary to most peoples’ European adventures, I usually return with an empty suitcase.  I get so tired of lugging a heavy suitcase around that I donate most of my clothes to charity along the way.  So, left with only a few items of summer clothing, I decided to start sewing my own clothes.  
This wrap crop top is perfect for summer.  The crop top can be worn 3 different ways: knotted in front; tied in a front bow; (or my personal favorite) wrapped around the body and tied at the back.  It’s the first garment I’ve ever made from scratch and without a pattern.  I harvested fabric from a second-hand men’s shirt, sized large (I love a good recycle project!).  This wrap crop top pattern will fit a U.S. size 2-4.

My free wrap crop top pattern (includes sewing allowance, print at 100%)
Men’s large shirt / 1 yard of fabric
Matching thread
Sewing machine

1] Print and cut out templates.
2] Cut out your fabric pieces, as well as 3 long bias strips.

3] With right sides facing sew the shoulder seams at ½ “
4]  Fold the front bottom edge ¼ “ and iron flat. Repeat and sew edge. Sew the back bottom edge the same way.

5] Fold the front angled edge ½“ and iron flat.

6]  With right sides together, sew the side panels at ½“.  Leave the side seam open.

7] Turn the side panels right side out. Fold the top seam of your side panel about an inch towards the center, creating 2 ridges. Do this for approximately 9”, tapering the fold as you go.  Iron flat.

8] Fold one ridge of the side panel down and iron. Do this on opposing sides to create the left and right panel. The flap that is ironed down will be sewn on the inside of the top. I hope my images help to explain this step.

9]  Pin the side seams of the side panel and the back of top together. Sew.
10] Pin the turned down edge of the side panel to the front of the top. Sew to ½” from bottom edge.  Make sure not to sew through the front of the side panel. 

11] Finish the neckline and armholes with bias tape and any raw edges with a zigzag stitch.

This is a really fun little crop top, which I definitely be wearing all summer long.  I’ll be making a few more garments for summer and fall, so stay tuned.

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by, Nicole. 


  1. Really cute! I love the colors, great job :)

  2. I found this really hard to follow. what parts were cut off for those long panels? Do you have a video of this tutorial? Thanks!

  3. Love the pattern, thank you! I have made it once and found I had excess material in the front section that created fabric puckering in the neck area. Any ideas how I can combat this? I'm going to make it again and don't want to make the same mistake

  4. How can i get hold of the pattern?

    1. Would love to try this out!


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  10. Can someone tell me how to print the pattern on A4 paper. When I look at the page settings in Adobe it is telling me that the document pages are 23.6 inch by 29.9 inch. Thanks

    1. I'm having the same issue. Did you figure this out?