Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Happy 2015 everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  The hubster and I spent Christmas hiking in Joshua Tree, then headed to an Indian restaurant for dinner.  Extremely untraditional, but we had so much fun.  In keeping with that playful spirit, I wanted to add something bright and cheerful to my winter wardrobe.  Browsing through Pinterest, the photo below caught my eye.  I loved how colorful these African print sweatshirts were and simply had to have one. I already owned a plain grey sweatshirt and still had a stash of African print fabrics I collected in South Africa.  Making it was a cinch!

African wax print fabric
Matching thread
Tissue /tracing paper
Tailors chalk
Sewing machine

1]  Lay your sweatshirt on a flat surface and trace the seam line of the front panel. Make sure to stretch the waistband, until the fabric lays flat, when tracing the sides and bottom.
2]  Add ½” seam allowance to the template and cut.
3]  Cut the print fabric according to the template.

4]  Fold the raw edge of the African print ½” towards the wrong side of the fabric and iron flat.  It helps to notch the neckline in a few places when molding the curve.
5]  Pin the African print fabric along the seam line of the sweatshirt and sew.

And that’s it!  A super easy sweatshirt DIY to kick-off the New Year. 

Looking to do some more sewing?  Stay tuned.  I will release my doll sewing patterns soon.  The first one I’ve been working on is the “Queen of Pop” herself, Madonna.  With her big hair bow, large cross necklace and tulle skirt she’s rocking that 80’s “Like a virgin” look.  You can find more images over at my Etsy store.  My patterns will have to be tested before going online, so if there are any fellow bloggers who would like to be involved, please send me an email.  I’d love to hear from you.

Happy sewing, Nicole.


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