Friday, February 13, 2015


Over the past few years I’ve noticed the increasing popularity of pink in Scandinavian interior design.  Now, almost everything comes in pink, from couches and cushions to coat hooks and teacups.  Although I’m not a big fan of pink, the pastels of contemporary Scandinavian design work well with the copper and grey tones that I do love.  Investing a large sum of money in a pink couch, which might look dated in a few years, was not the way I wanted to go.  Instead, I opted to add a pink accent to my office with a simple abstract painting.  It’s easy to paint: all you need is a can of spray paint, some pretty acrylic colors, and a few extras you probably have lying around your house.  Below are a few inspirational images pulled from the web.

Clockwise from top: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Canvas (I used a scrap piece of plywood and drilled a hole in the back to hang)
White acrylic paint
Grey acrylic paint
Pink acrylic paint
Copper spray paint
Painter’s tape
Paint brushes/rollers
Scrap paper

1]  Cover your work surface with paper.
2]  Paint a base coat of white onto the canvas/wood (optional).

3]  Draw a few straight lines across the canvas in any pattern you like. 
4]  Tape the edge of the area you wish to paint. 
5]  Paint area and remove tape once paint has dried.
*  When using spray paint, make sure only the area you want painted is exposed.  Cover everything else with scrap paper. 
6]  Repeat last two steps until you are happy with the results. 
7]  Hang (and admire) your work!  

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Have a great weekend!  Nicole. 


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