Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Today I want to share an easy way to DIY a platform bed.  If you’ve ever used a drill and screwdriver, you could make this bed!  It’s really that simple.

Jeremy built our platform bed when we first moved into our home.  At the time, we had searched everywhere for the perfect bed but just couldn’t find one we loved.  He opted to build a wood platform and attach Ikea legs to the base.  It served its purpose for 7 years, but recently he decided the bed needed a serious makeover.  As we both love the muted tones and raw wood found in Scandinavian design, we covered the platform in grey felt and replaced the legs with poplar dowels.  Here’s the full how-to:

1” thick wood – enough to create a platform to fit your mattress.
2   1”x 9”x 66” hardwood beams
4 to 6 Ikea Capita legs (the number of legs will depend on the size of the bed you are creating) 
28  1¼”wood screws
28 washers
2” drill bit
Medium and fine grit sandpaper
Wood glue
Linseed oil/ Polyurethane
Sponge brush
Grey felt – enough yardage to cover the platform
Staple gun
5/16” Staples
Tape Measure

NOTE: You could use the Ikea legs as is, but if you prefer the look of the wood dowels include this in your list of materials:
4   2”x 9” poplar dowel legs
1 or 2   2”x 9 ¾ “ poplar dowel supports (optional)

1]  Measure the mattress to figure out how many pieces of wood you will need. If you need any pieces cut, a local lumberyard will do it for around 50c/cut.
2]  Using the 2” drill bit, drill 4 to 6 holes in each piece of wood. This allows heat to escape and preventing condensation from forming on the underside of the mattress.
3]  Sand the wood to remove any splinters.
4]  Seal the wood with polyurethane or linseed oil.
5]  Lay the wood pieces side by side forming the platform. 
6]  Glue the supporting pieces 7” from the top, bottom and side edge of the platform.  Evenly screw wood screws along the length of the supports.

7] Attach the Ikea leg brackets approx. 14” from the bottom and top edge of the platform centering them on the supporting beams.
If you prefer dowel legs, drill a hole slightly smaller than the bolt on the Ikea leg bracket.

8] Screw legs into the leg brackets.

Note: Depending on how large your bed is and how many pieces of wood you’ve used to create the platform, you may want to add another leg or 2 to stabilize it. We added an extra leg to the very center of our queen sized bed.

9]  Flip the platform over. Your bed should now look like this. Just ignore the fact that our bed has one side table. 

10]  Drape the felt over the platform and staple it to the underside. I needed two pieces to cover the width of our bed, so sewed these together before stapling. You could also just staple the two pieces in place. 


Get Happy :) 

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