Wednesday, October 30, 2013


My husband, Jeremy, was obsessed with Muuto Dots coat hooks but just couldn’t bring himself to part with the dollars necessary to purchase them.  So, when he decided we needed coat hooks in preparation for the one day it might rain in San Diego, he quickly disappeared.  He came back an hour later with a big smile on his face and a pocket full of drawer pulls.  He was ready to DIY his own wall hooks.

Oak drawer pulls in various sizes (screws included)
Wire cutter/ hacksaw

1] Screw wood screws into drawer pulls. 

2] Cut the heads off screws. You can skip this part by using double-sided screws. 

3] Drill pilot holes in wall. 

4] Screw cut end into wall and you're done!

These wall hooks are not as large as Muuto’s, but are perfect for a small space.  They would also look great painted in fun colours.  Now I just need him to make a few more for my office.