Wednesday, November 5, 2014


While visiting Denmark last spring I noticed this knit tulip dress at the boutique store, Moxy-Copenhagen.  It had everything I searched for in clothing but usually can’t find: something that looks amazing, is super comfy, and doesn’t need to be ironed.  On closer inspection the price tag read DKK 799.99  (that’s nearly $140!), a little out of my price range.  A little disheartened, I quickly snapped a photograph thinking I would DIY this dress someday.  Well, that someday has arrived!

I was able to make this tulip dress for around $15 and invested about 2 hours in measuring, cutting and sewing time.  Because it’s made of knit fabric, I left the edges unfinished.  My version of the dress has less draping around the waist area and hugs my hips a little tighter.  If you prefer a looser fit, you could easily add a few extra inches of fabric to the skirt or have less of an overlap in the front.

At least 2 yards of knit fabric (depending on your measurements)
Matching thread
1” Elastic (enough to wrap around your waist)
Tailor’s chalk
Fabric scissors
Sewing machine

1] For the tulip shaped skirt, cut a rectangular piece of fabric measuring 36” by (the width of your waist x 2).
2] Fold your fabric in half widthwise. 
3] Mark the selvedge edge of the fabric 15” from the top of the skirt.
4] Draw a curve from the top of the fold point to the 15” mark.
5] Draw another curve from the bottom of the fold point to the mark (See diagram)

6] While still folded, cut fabric along these curves.
7] Baste stitch two rows at the top of the skirt.
8] Gather fabric evenly, until the skirt measures 1.5 times your waist.
9] Cut elastic 1” shorter than your waist measurement.
10] Overlap the raw edges of the elastic and sew together.
11] Pin the gathered skirt to the elastic.  Make sure that the front gathered panels overlap evenly in the front, and end on either side of your waist (where you would usually have a side seam).
12] Sew the elastic in place using a zigzag stitch.

13] For the top, cut another rectangular piece of fabric 42” x  (waist measurement + 8”).
14] Fold the fabric in half lengthwise so work measures 21” x (waist +8”).
15] Draw an 8” line across the fold, centering the line.
16] Draw a 1” line from the center of the fold down the front of the top. 
17] Draw a curve from one end of the 8” line to the other that is at least 1” wide at the center point. 

18] Cut along the 8” line and the curve to form your neckline.  19] Only cut the front of the top, NOT the back.
20] Mark a point on either side of the top 1” below your bust point. 
21] With right sides facing, sew a ½” seam along the sides, ending at the marked point. Try on the top to see if it fits correctly or if it needs to be shortened.

22] Baste stitch two rows at the base of the top and evenly gather the fabric until it is the width of your waist.
23] With right sides together pin the top to the skirt.  Make sure that the front center of the top aligns with the front center of the skirt.

24] Sew top to waistband using a zigzag stitch.

I am really happy with my new tulip dress and intend to make a few more in fall appropriate colours. 

Before I leave you, I’d like to share some more exciting news--well exciting for me anyway. J  I’ve just launched my own Etsy store!!  The Felted Fox Shop sells handmade children’s felt dolls and nursery accessories.  It’s still in its infancy, but will grow with time to include more of my designs and pdf patterns in the future.  Here is a sneak peak.  If you’d like to see more hop on over to my store. 

Please feel free to leave any questions/comments below. I do so love hearing from you.  If you enjoyed this tutorial, please share the love by liking The Felted Fox on Facebook. Also, don’t forget to follow The Felted Fox on Bloglovin to receive free tutorials and patterns to your inbox.

Happy sewing!  Till next time, Nicole. 


  1. Do you have some more detailed photo's of the skiet part. I am a little confused on the how to sew the top of the skirt

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  4. I think I liked your version more! But then again, it could have been that you took the photo through a window. Will most definitely be trying this pattern out!

  5. I cannot understand why the base of the top is 1/2 the waist plus 8. Shouldn't it be waist +8? Thank you so much for this. I love it.

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